Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spray Painting Goodwill Lamps

Last week, I saw Russet Street Reno's (  post on spray painting end tables and lamps from Goodwill.  Her lamps and tables look great!

I'm working on a very low budget make-over for our master bedroom and think that spray painting lamps from goodwill is a great idea.  My lamps were not exactly the shape that I was looking for, but they'll do.   And at $6.25 a piece, the price was right.  I decided that I would paint these lamp gloss white.

Here's what I did:
  • First, I took a swifer dry cloth and wiped down the lamps.  

  • Then I took paper towels and stuff them in the opening where the light bulbs go. 

  • I primed the lamps with a spray on primer.  I like Krylon spray paint.  

  • Then I start applying many layers of the white gloss.  I did, I admit, make an sophomoric mistake and want to warn you so that you do not do the same thing.  It is always best to apply many LIGHT layers of spray paint, and do not spray too close to the lamp or you will get an ugly mess.  I applied too much paint to closely on one of the lamps and created a mess!  That side will have to serve as the backside of the lamp!
  • Buy a shade (there are affordable drum shades at Target and Walmart) and: Voila!  You're done!
(pictures of finished project to come.....)

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