Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Table Decorations

 A few months ago, I saw this article in Better Homes and Gardens and thought it would be a lovely project for Spring:
This past Friday--in preparation for Easter--I attempted to re-created this simple project.  Believe it or not, I already had everything I needed for supplies except the three pots.

First, I purchased the terracotta pots for about $1.50 at Walmart.

Then, I filled each pot with potting soil.  I used a trowel to dig up thin layers of moss from our backyard and gently pressed them onto the soil in each pot.

A few years ago, my mother had given me the "nest" filled with soaps.  I had saved it thinking that I might decorate with it one day.  Last spring, I had seen these real eggs at a home store and purchased them.  I image you can find these supplies at Ben Franklin or other craft stores.  I already had the Pussy willow which I had purchased at Ben Franklin several years ago. 

Using pruning shears, I trimmed the Pussy willow making it shorter and stuck it into the soil mimicking the picture in the magazine. 
Next, I attached wreath picks (not sure if that is the proper name) to the bottom of the nest and stuck the picks into the soil of another pot then laid the eggs in the nest.

As the final step, I cut some flowers from a dogwood tree in the backyard and stuck them, at varying heights, into the soil of the third pot.  These flowers wilted after a day or two, so on Easter morning, I cut some azalea blooms and replace the dogwood blossoms.
Voila!  I simple project that can easily be complete in under an hour.