Sunday, January 23, 2011

Belmont Butchery

For those of you who live in Richmond, if you have not been to the Belmont Butchery,  you must.  It has the best selection of meat in town, and the staff can get you just about anything you need with enough warning, plus it's been in Food and Wine magazine twice!   Food and Wine article

Tonight, I'm noshing on Duck and Mango Pate.  A pretty penny, but well worth it.  Actually, if you buy a small amount like I did (1/4 lb.), it is less expensive than artisan cheese.

My absolute favorite item from the butchery is its hotdogs--divine, all beef wonders.  I dream about these dogs! 

The butchery offers free-range and pasteured animals, a wide selection of meats and pates as well as cheese, wine, bread and to-die-for brownies to name a few.  Below, Stilton and Amish butter from the butchery:


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