Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Room Makeover, Part 2, Window Treatments

A while back, I posted a tutorial on Easy Box Pleat Valances, which showed the making of a valance for a single window.

Sewing and hanging these valances was the second step in my Family Room Makeover:

When I made the single window valance, I used only one panel from Lowe's.  For the double windows, I had to sew the ends of the Lowe's panels together.  I made these larger valances following the same steps as for the single window valance.  For the price,  I am very pleased with the result!

My makeover cost thus far is:

$ 35         for paint
$ 87         for window treatments
$120       total

Up next, the bookcase.


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awnings melbourne said...

wow it looks great! you just gave me an idea on what to do on the windows of my new place. so excited for the make over. thanks for sharing.