Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Make an Upholstered Stool (From an Accent Table)

This is a project that can easily be completed in an afternoon.  In fact, on a whim I decided to convert this stool to an accent table and was lucky enough to have all the supplies on hand!

The accent table was from my husband's grandfather's house.  When we first acquired it, I simply spray painted it white though quickly grew bored of that.  You can read the post here.

Here is what I did to transform this accent table to an upholstered stool:

spray paint
less than 1/2 yard fabric
grosgrain ribbon (probably about a yard)
decorative nail heads
paper for tracing top of table
staple gun and staples
glue gun and glue or just regular glue

1) Spray paint your piece.  Make sure to turn it upside down and get all angles.  Make sure to apply thin layers and allow ample drying time between each.  Depending on where you live, this time of year can be difficult because of the humidity.

2)  Turn over your stool onto a piece of paper and trace the top.  Add about an inch all the way around the pattern.  (I forgot to do this!  Mine still turned-out okay, but it would have been better with additional padding.)  I used three inch foam.  I pinned the pattern to the foam, then cut out the foam with scissors.

3)  Glue the foam to the top of the table and let dry.  (I used a glue gun.)

4)  Lay your fabric face-down on the floor.  Center the stool top (that is, have the stool upside down) atop the fabric.   Trim your fabric so that it is about 5 inches wider than your stool top.  Fold the fabric up to cover the foam and staple it under the table top.  Do this on each side.  Pay attention to the tension of the fabric and how it compress the foam.  Play with the fabric and folding it at the corners until you get it the way you'd like it to look.  Once you have the fabric a tight as you'd like it, add staples under the stool/table top.

5) I decided to add grosgrain trim and nail heads.  After selecting a trim color,  I used the glue gun to glue the trim to the fabric.  Once that tried, I hammered the nail heads in; it takes a bit of practice to nail them in a straight line.

6) Voila!  The finished product:

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

I recently found your blog and have found it very informative. It has given me some great ideas for my own home.

Foam-By-Mail said...

That stool turned out great! Just a little tip should you want to try another upholstery project in the future, one of the easiest ways to cut foam is with an electric carving knife, should you have one. You might get a funny look carving foam like a turkey, but that doesn't stop it from working wonderfully!